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Education and Training for Ontario Animation / Digital Media / VFX Workers
Saturday, December 11, 2010

 Fast Forward to a Digital Future: Education & Training for Ontario Amination / Digital Media / VFX Workers

SheridanCorporate in partnership with the Computer Animation Studios of Ontario (CASO), has developed a series of innovative full-day learning programs designed to deliver insight in management leadership, entrepreneurship, employee training as well as pipeline understanding and efficiency within the animation, digital media and VFX industry.

These courses have been developed through a generous funding grant from the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)with the intention of further empowering the creative workforce within Ontario and the Ontario animation sector. As a result, Sheridan is pleased to offer animation, digital media and VFX professionals a one time opportunity to participate for free in this exciting pilot training.

The core programs that we will be piloting in 2011 are:

1.    Building Leaders: Leadership Skills Development (February 26 - April 30, 2011)

The purpose of this program will be to empower these individuals as leaders within their studios. Over the course of 5 separate days, participants will learn techniques and insights towards effective leadership, strong communication, building and managing high-performing teams and much more.

Who are we looking for?

Participants in this program will be new or experienced managers, supervisors or leads who are responsible for leading a team of people in the animation sector and who are looking to enhance their capacities as a leader. These individuals will come from the animation/digital media/VFX industries primarily and should have above 5 years of industry experience.

2.    Career Portfolios: Entrepreneurial Skills Development (May 14 - June 25, 2011)

In the competitive junior levels of the animation industry, many junior professionals are constantly looking for ways to stand out and above the crowd to move their careers to the next level. Over the course of 4 separate days, participants in this program will explore a variety of techniques designed to enhance their access to opportunities, contribute more effectively to the studio environment and, most importantly, increase their personal brand and influence in the industry.

Who are we looking for?

Contractors, Freelancers and Part Time professionals with anywhere from 1-3 years experience in the animation/digital media/VFX industry with an interest in advancing their careers in the sector.

3.    Employee Onboarding: Studio Training Development (Fall 2011)

Effective training can mean the difference of between days and weeks for a successful new hire contributing quickly and efficiently to a production. Over the course of 2 days, participants in this program will learn tried and true techniques for assessing new employee learning styles, setting up an effective training process and creating clear channels for feedback and communication, all with the intent to enable new hires to become successful contributors in new environments. 

Who are we looking for?

Studios leads and supervisors involved with the orientation process for new employees at their respective animation/digital media/visual effects studio/organization. These individuals are most likely considered to be experts in their technical/creative areas, and may have the most amount of time at one studio, but now need the skill set to be the most effective ‘ambassadors’ to the studio to train new staff as effectively as possible.

4.    Understanding the Pipeline Workflow (Fall 2011)

A higher level understanding of the industry, workflow and production process is the hallmark of successful professionals in the animation, digital media and VFX sector. Particpants in this one day program will explore the broader ecosystem of their industry, including how productions are brought to studios, the key stakeholders and influencers in the production process, as well as discuss current and future trends of the industry both locally and globally.   

Who are we looking for?

.This course would benefit anyone working within the animation/digital media/visual effects sector that is involved with the pipeline process and looking to gain a more competitive level of insight into their role within the industry. It is expected that there will be a wide range of roles attending the session, which will be encouraged in order to get an accurate 360 degree view of the process and ecosystem. 

5.    Diagnosing the Pipeline Workflow (Fall 2011)

Effective pipeline and workflow diagnostic techniques have helped drive success in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing around the world. Participants in this one day course will explore a variety of these techniques and their effective application to their own studio environments, with the intention of developing new methods of diagnosing and overcoming bottlenecks and issues within the pipeline and workflow.


Who are we looking for?

This program is ideal for anyone working within the animation/digital media/visual effects sector that has some sort of responsibility related to the pipeline process of their studio/organization. It is expected that individuals will be able to offer suggestions for improvements to the process once they return to work and should be in a position to be able to implement/submit these changes.  Attendees may be coming from a 2D, 3D, CGI, or Visual Effects background – as part of the registration process, they should identify which of these sectors they are affiliated with.

To minimize the overall impact on personal and professional schedules, each of the above programs have been scheduled on alternating Saturdays and will be delivered in a downtown location in the Spring of 2011 and the Fall of 2011.

What next?

Industry participation is critical to the success and sustainability of this initiative. We are looking for professionals from the animation and VFX industry to participate in our pilot programming. Please note that enrollment in these exciting programs will be limited in each course on a first-come first-served basis.

To find out how you or your staff can become involved, or for more information, please contact:

Ben McEvoy,

Project Manager / Animation Learning Consultant /



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